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Our music can be brought to you in solo, duet, trio or full band format. With the best musicians in the Swiss country scene, we manage to make every engagement, in fact every song memorable.

It's old news I know but it is true that from all the music in the world today, the one that brings the best of good feelings is 'good old country music'. It may be the simplicity or the feelings it arouses, it may be for the memorable melodies or the way it makes you feel like dancing. Who knows?

We have the 'right stuff’  just choose a format:

Solo:                    Ideal for private and home concerts  

Duo with Guitar or Piano:       Home, business,

Trio:                     Small & Medium Venues

Quartet:               Anywhere, anytime

Full Band:            5 or more,   Anywhere, anytime                                                             

Classic Country for everybody